The Unspoken Truth by Lisa Zarcone

When life gives you lemons make lemonade, that is something that I can completely understand after reading the book The Truth Untold by Lisa Zarcone telling the story of her life in the language of a child has brought me to my emotions and has shown me that no matter what situation we are in we can always make our lives better.

It’s a powerful story of a girl who battles losing her brother to lekumia, her mother’s abusive/manic behavior, parents divorce and so much emotional, physical and sexual abuse. This is the story of a courageous woman who learned to forgive by being compassionate towards the reasoning behind what she went thru. She is a true inspiration to all those that encounter her.

Through her struggles she has grown to be a role model to disable children teaching poetry (amazing ones after every chapter), journalism and art therapy. She is also an advocate for child abuse awareness and has the attitude of “I choose faith and inspiration to lead the way. Lets walk together and achieve the journey”.

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One thought on “The Unspoken Truth by Lisa Zarcone

  1. This sounds so good!!!! Telling the story of her life in the language of a child can really give voice to what kids feel when time has already passed and they never had the chance to.


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