The Marvel of Engagement by Philippos Aristotlous

Did you ever wander how some companies have great employees while others always are turning over?, Or why employees are not happy at work? If you are looking for ways to engage your emoloyees, then you must read this incredible book by Philippos Aristotelous , The Marvel  of Engagement. He starts the book by first proving to you that it’s not because of money that helps an employee succeed in the workplace but the  Marvel model that keeps them happy and engaged.

M- meaing






The author goes into Brings facts and examples helping you understand why it works and how big profit companies are using the Marvel way inspire their employees so instead of just having an employee go-to there job they become ambassadors to there companies.

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5 thoughts on “The Marvel of Engagement by Philippos Aristotlous

  1. This sounds like a great book to read. I know I always think about the turn over rate in a lot of companies and I always wonder about why it’s so high. For the most part I think it’s because many of the jobs are stressful without too much benefit to the employees for all of that stress. I’ll definitely have to check out this book soon.


  2. This must be an interesting book to read. Even though I don’t own a company or any businesses yet but still wanted to read this book and wanted to learn more about this Marvel Engagement. I will also share this with others.


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