#NoApprovalNeeded by Kriss Macc

#NoApprovalNeeded by Kriss Macc, who is an Emotional Intelligence coach, business consultant and speaker. She decided to write about women in their forties and gives them the chance to get their opinions out there without any stigma. It is a book about incredible woman over the age of 40 years old given the chance to tell their life experiences, stories and thoughts. The greatest thing that I have come to see is the format of this book which is that every chapter speaks about a specific subject. It’s a book that if you’re only interested in certain subjects being discussed then you can read just that chapter. Kris Macc has done an incredible job bringing this book to life and its perfect for all readers not just for the reader over 40 years old, plus men can read it too (there is a special chapter for men to read that woman want).

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