Don’t Expect Me to Cry by Janey Bentley

Did you know:

30% of abused children are sexually abused by family members

35% of abused children are 11 years old or younger 

In “Don’t Expect Me to Cry” it  tells the horrific story of a girl who was abused sexually, emotionally and neglected by the people that should have loved/protected her and tells it in a such an honest and raw way that your brain can imagine. It is the story of her being abused which started at  a young age, abused by her father and close family relative’s and how she gets married and this feeling of disgust has become a burden on her marriage and tells us the story of her courage to heal and overcome these obstacles thru hardships of being abused.

This is the story of  Janet Bentley who went thru horrific acts, and had to go  thru multiple challenges to heal. She is a member of RAINN’s(Rape,Abuse and Incest National Network) Speakers Bureau, a facilitator to Light’s Stewards of Child Training and has started and facilitates a support group for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. She is a true survivor and continues to be an advocate for those abused.

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The Unspoken Truth by Lisa Zarcone

When life gives you lemons make lemonade, that is something that I can completely understand after reading the book The Truth Untold by Lisa Zarcone telling the story of her life in the language of a child has brought me to my emotions and has shown me that no matter what situation we are in we can always make our lives better.

It’s a powerful story of a girl who battles losing her brother to lekumia, her mother’s abusive/manic behavior, parents divorce and so much emotional, physical and sexual abuse. This is the story of a courageous woman who learned to forgive by being compassionate towards the reasoning behind what she went thru. She is a true inspiration to all those that encounter her.

Through her struggles she has grown to be a role model to disable children teaching poetry (amazing ones after every chapter), journalism and art therapy. She is also an advocate for child abuse awareness and has the attitude of “I choose faith and inspiration to lead the way. Lets walk together and achieve the journey”.

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Finding Your Way by V. Lakshmi

It is a story  of  loss, hope and the continuing struggle to keep on pushing in life and finding meaning. In a confused time of an incredibly strong woman who was born in India who gets adopted and brought to the United States by a Jewish Family. 

She writes of her struggles of not knowing much about her family, being adopted, coming to a foreign land and being racially discriminated as well as the hardships of not being able to have children.  Going back and giving back to those that helped her in life. V. Lakshmi is a truly inspirational woman. She has continued to fight her hardships and a true fighter. 

The book as well gives tips on adoption, finding your way thru miscarriage, surgery and failed adoption as well as finding your way thru life.”

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We Dared to Live by Joe Sabrin

I had the pleasure of receiving this book as a gift. It is a story published by the son Joe Sabrin about his fathers story of survival and courage during the Holocaust as a partisan fighting the Nazis. After his fathers death he found the manuscript which was written in Yiddish and got it translated to English. The great thing about this book is for someone who doesn’t know much about WW2 history there are like cliff notes that are very explanatory. His organization gifts copies of this book to Bar/Bat mitzvah children to educate them.

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