A Barnstormer Aviator by Nick Vuyosevich and Nina Anderson

I just completed another great book “A Barnstorm Aviator”. It is a story of an immigrant’s son in the 1930’s who had a love and passion for airplanes and learned how to fly and bought his first plane for $189.00. Don’t forget in the 1930’s most pilots didn’t know much about flying and ride in planes, so every time they made a mistake they had to learn from it or were lucky to survive. It is a book that brings the growth of aviation of the 1930’s in New Jersey to light. The story is written by Nick Vuyosevich by his first Born daughter Nina Anderson, ATP, FAA Master PIlot, who followed in her father’s footsteps and became the first female corporate pilot in New Jersey flying jets, as well has authored books on natural health and aviation.

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19 thoughts on “A Barnstormer Aviator by Nick Vuyosevich and Nina Anderson

  1. This sounds like an informative read while still being fun and interesting. I’m always looking for books to give family, and this seems like a read several people I know would enjoy.


  2. Seems like an awesome book! I am going to buy that for my son; he’s always making paper planes out of his notebooks.


  3. This is a great recommendation. Even if kids are not afraid to ask their parents questions, I find that sometime they need to hear the answer from someone else; especially if they view that person as more of an expert than they view you.


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