Don’t Expect Me to Cry by Janey Bentley

Did you know:

30% of abused children are sexually abused by family members

35% of abused children are 11 years old or younger 

In “Don’t Expect Me to Cry” it  tells the horrific story of a girl who was abused sexually, emotionally and neglected by the people that should have loved/protected her and tells it in a such an honest and raw way that your brain can imagine. It is the story of her being abused which started at  a young age, abused by her father and close family relative’s and how she gets married and this feeling of disgust has become a burden on her marriage and tells us the story of her courage to heal and overcome these obstacles thru hardships of being abused.

This is the story of  Janet Bentley who went thru horrific acts, and had to go  thru multiple challenges to heal. She is a member of RAINN’s(Rape,Abuse and Incest National Network) Speakers Bureau, a facilitator to Light’s Stewards of Child Training and has started and facilitates a support group for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. She is a true survivor and continues to be an advocate for those abused.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Expect Me to Cry by Janey Bentley

  1. This kind of stories are the must read stories. We should really be aware of how a child or woman actually feels when they’ve been abused, hiw to understand them and their survival.


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